NDP MHA Launches Full-day Kindergarten petition

NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) has launched a petition that he says is the “next logical step” in the campaign to see full-day kindergarten introduced to the province.

The issue was a key plank in the 2011 NDP election platform, and Kirby has focused on it in his time as Education Critic. “Study after study demonstrates the benefits of all-day kindergarten for children,” said Kirby. “If the minister would like me to forward him some of this research evidence, I would be more than happy to do so.”

All-day kindergarten is attracting attention again because of the strong support it was given by businessperson Cathy Bennett at the St. John’s Board of Trade on Tuesday.

“In addition to the many educational benefits of all-day kindergarten, there are economic and social ones as well, as Ms. Bennett outlined so clearly,” said Kirby.

Today the NDP MHA launched a petition calling for the government to introduce full-day kindergarten in the province. Within an hour of mentioning the petition on a local morning radio show, Kirby had received a dozen requests for copies of the petition to circulate.

“I expect we will have collected thousands of signatures that I can present when the House of Assembly opens this spring,” Kirby said. “This is definitely an idea whose time has come.”


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