NDP Leader offers condolences to family and community following death of Mary Pratt

MHA Gerry Rogers, Leader of the NDP, offers sincere condolences to the family of renowned artist Mary Pratt following news of her death today.

Rogers says Mary Pratt made enormous cultural contributions to Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Mary brought incredible beauty to the world through her art. The realism of her work made ordinary objects into something extraordinary. Her influence has been and will continue to be tremendous.”

“Mary’s legacy also includes the crucial advocacy she has done on behalf of artists in NL and the instrumental role she played in the establishment of The Rooms,” Rogers said.

Pratt's paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over the country including the National Gallery of Canada.

Among her many accomplishments, in 1996 Pratt was named Companion of the Order of Canada.

“Our deepest condolences to her family especially her children John, Anne, Barbara, and Ned,” Rogers said.

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