Rogers seeks reassurances for province’s Women’s Centres

NDP Critic for the Status of Women Gerry Rogers

NDP Critic for the Status of Women Gerry Rogers (MHA, St. John’s Centre) says time is running short for the province’s eight Women’s Centres. With the end of the fiscal year coming in less than two weeks, staff and volunteers around the province are unable to make plans to continue their critical work.

People involved with the centres have been dealing with persistent rumours from several sources that their provincial government funding would be reduced. They have been unable to get a direct answer from government, so today Rogers asked the minister to respond.

“All eight Women’s Centres wrote the Minister asking if their yearly grant will be cut,” Rogers said in the House of Assembly today. “Last week the Minister wrote back saying no decision has been made. Their fiscal year ends March 31 and yet they still have no idea whether they’ll be able to keep their doors open or keep their staff who are doing critical life-saving work.

“I ask the minister will she guarantee at least the current funding levels for Women’s Centres across the province?”

Rogers says that the Minister’s refusal to guarantee funding, coupled with government’s ongoing refusal to reinstate the Family Violence Intervention Court, sends a clear message to women in crisis that government is abandoning them.

The NDP MHA cites research showing that during tough economic times, domestic violence increases, and asked the Minister of Justice to reinstate the Family Violence Intervention Court as directed in the premier’s mandate letter.

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