Temporary foreign workers not protected in this province

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) believes the provincial government is not actively working to protect temporary foreign workers brought in to the province to work at a variety of low-wage jobs. Today in the House of Assembly, Michael tried to determine what, if anything, the provincial government is doing to ensure that workers brought here from other countries are not being exploited by their employers.

“A federal government investigation has suspended the license of a company in Labrador City allowing them to bring in temporary foreign workers,” Michael said in the House today.

“I ask the Premier, does the province have a record of the number of temporary foreign workers currently working and living in this province?

“This company was suspended after allegations that 26 temporary foreign workers were living in the one house owned by the company. What measures has government taken to monitor the living and working conditions of temporary foreign workers in the province?”

Michael says other provinces have legislation in place recognizing the special situations of temporary foreign workers, who “have almost no rights, and can be sent home at a moment’s notice.”

“Why isn’t this government taking the lead of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, who already have legislation regulating these workers?” she said.

“I ask the Premier will he amend the Labour Standards Act to add provisions for the protection of temporary foreign workers?”

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