All-day kindergarten, universal childcare needed in province

Today in the House of Assembly NDP Education Critic Dale Kirby (MHA, St. John’s North) asked the government when it plans to provide universal early childhood education programs and all-day kindergarten.

All-day kindergarten has been proven successful in other jurisdictions in the country, but this province’s government continues to ignore the benefits such as improved literacy and an increase in post-secondary participation and graduation rates, says Kirby.

“I will continue to push this government on all-day kindergarten,” said Kirby. “It works in other provinces, it helps working families, it has a positive return on investment and it is something we should pursue here in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Child care is a growing expense for working families in the province. Parents are paying up to $1500 per month for a single space in regulated child care centers.

“Once again we see government talking about a plan for early childhood education without showing any action,” said Kirby. “At this rate it will be a grand-child care plan rather than a child care plan.”

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